Early Orthodontic Treatment – Doesn’t Guarantee A Perfect Smile in Teen Years

At Porter Orthodontics, we ran across an excellent article published in the Wall Street Journal “The 8-Year-Old With a Perfect Smile” that discusses the pros and cons of early orthodontic treatment. Sometimes parents are disappointment their kids still require additional orthodontic treatment when permanent teeth erupt in their teens.

While that’s true in some cases, what many parents don’t realize is that for the most common orthodontic problems, early treatment is often not indicated and offers no guarantees against a second round of treatment in the early teenage years. Orthodontists are sometimes pressured to treat early—from both parents and kids for aesthetic reasons, rather than waiting till all the permanent teeth erupt to reduce overall time in braces and minimize expense.

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that all kids be evaluated at the age of 7 to determine if they would benefit from early orthodontic treatment. Dr. Joe Porter offers a complimentary new patient exam to determine if early treatment is indicated. If not, at no fee, we will continue to periodically monitor your child’s teeth and jaw development while developing a personal relationship with your child and our team to enhance the orthodontic experience when the time is right.

If you have a child seven years or older that has not been evaluated by an orthodontist, feel free to contact our office. You do not need a referral from your general dentist to schedule a complimentary evaluation. We look to working together with you and your family, creating smiles that last a lifetime.

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