iTero Digital Impressions – Speed, Accuracy & Comfort

Porter Orthodontics is proud to offer iTero Digital Impressions for our patients. Unpleasant putty impressions are a thing of the past with the iTero Digital System!

For patients who are candidates for Invisalign aligners, an accurate impression is essential for effective treatment planning and orthodontic care. The accuracy and detail of the iTero scan vs a putty impression is comparable to watching HDTV over standard TV.

How iTero Works

The iTero handheld wand takes a digital, 3D image of your prepared teeth, stopping as needed. The wand is non-invasive and you can breathe and swallow as needed during the procedure. The digital image of your teeth is sent electronically to the lab and is available in the Invisalign Clincheck system the very next day. This 3D model of your mouth can be used with all Invisalign services. Using the Invisalign Outcome Simulator, we can show you what your new smile might look like after treatment is completed.

View the video below to watch the Porter Braces staff demonstrate the iTero scanning process:

Benefits of Teeth Scanning

  • Eliminates Putty Impressions
  • Superior Accuracy
  • Onscreen visualization of your teeth in real time