Spreading Early Holiday Cheer at Porter Orthodontics…

It’s time to start spreading the holiday cheer! We love having you as part of our orthodontic family at Porter Orthodontics, and we want to send holiday smiles to all of our patients and their families with a couple of poems for the season! Happy Holidays to everyone!

Extreme Holiday Cheer Porter Orthodontics in Baton Rouge LAThe Night Before Christmas (with my braces)

Twas the night before Christmas, Santa flying all places
Delivering presents to children with braces.

There’s lights on the tree and a wreath on the door
I’m merry as can be when my teeth are not sore!

The cookies so crunchy, the roast beef so chewy,
But I must eat food that is softer and gooey…

My family munched on their chocolates and dips
Well, those only would have gone straight to my hips.

While Santa shouts orders to Blitzen and Vixen,
I’m cleaning my braces — my teeth they’re a-fixin!

This year I’ve been good, gone the extra mile
So Santa, this year I want a new healthy smile!

Goodbye crooked teeth, and spaces too tight;
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good bite!


Ortho, Ortho, Ortho
(to the tune of Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel)

Menorah in Rochester NYI had a maloclussion
It bugged me every day
The ortho said he’d fix it
And to him I did say,

Oh ortho, ortho, ortho
When do these braces go away?
When will my teeth be straightened?
What can I eat? Oy vey!

And so I wore my braces
Brushed after every meal
I also wore elastics,
for I was no schlameel.

Oh ortho, ortho, ortho
When is my next appointment?
My gums are feeling kinda sore
May I have some ointment?

I couldn’t chew the brisket
Or bite the chocolate gelt
At least there were the latkes
In my mouth they did melt!

Oh ortho, ortho, ortho
I simply cannot wait
Til the day these braces leave,
And all my teeth are straight!

So now it’s two years later
And I’m grinning in style
As I light my menorah, I think:
I sure love my straighter smile!

Oh ortho, ortho, ortho
When do these braces go away?
When will my teeth be straightened?
What can I eat? Oy vey!

Have a fun and safe holiday season! Remember, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is to take good care of your teeth! Special thanks to Lynn from archwired.com for the original ideas (we’ve tweaked them just a little).

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