3 Orthodontic Tips for Cold & Flu Season

With cold and flu season well underway, cough drops, tissues, and hot tea have probably become daily staples. Chances are your teeth and braces are probably the last things you’re thinking about! However, there are some things related to the cold or flu that can affect your oral health. Keep reading to learn some tips from Dr. Joseph Porter at Porter Orthodontics.

  1. Make Sure to Keep Bad Stuff Off Your Teeth

Did you know most cough drops are loaded with sugar? Go for sugar for sugar-free cough drops and be sure not to bite down too hard! Cough syrup is loaded with sugar too – be sure to rinse your mouth out afterward to keep that sugar off of your teeth! Also, stomach acid is hard on teeth, so if you’re throwing up, be sure to brush your teeth afterward.

  1. Stay Hydrated!

Dry mouth increases your chances of getting a cavity. Most colds cause a stuffy nose, which causes us to breathe through our mouths. Doing this, combined with decreased saliva production during sleep, makes your mouth more vulnerable to harmful bacteria.

  1. Don’t Skip Your Basic Oral Hygiene

No matter how tired you may be, don’t skip your normal brushing and flossing routine. Your oral health is always crucial, especially when in braces!

Be sure to stay healthy this winter by washing your hands frequently and sneezing into your elbow! As always, please feel free to contact our office with any questions about what you can do to keep your teeth healthy during cold and flu season. Also, call our office to reschedule if you’re ever not feeling well on the day of your appointment!