Celebrate Thanksgiving With Gratitude

What does Thanksgiving mean in your home? Our team here at Porter Orthodontics realizes Thanksgiving can hold many meanings to many people. To us however Thanksgiving means being grateful and expressing gratitude for all the wonderful patients and families we have the opportunity and privilege to serve. To most, Thanksgiving means a literal feast of Read More

Invisalign – The Perfect Gift

Now is the time to start thinking of the perfect gift for your special teen or adult in your life. What better way to express your sentiments and thoughts than to give someone you love the beautiful smile they always wanted. An Invisalign Smile is the perfect Holiday gift! For the majority of people, celebrations, Read More

Halloween Fun Facts

Halloween was also known as All Hallows’ Eve in some circles. It goes as far back as about 2,000 years to a pre-Christian Celtic festival held around Nov. 1 called Samhain (pronounced “sah-win”), which means “summer’s end” in the Gaelic language. Halloween costumes and the tradition of “dressing up” may go back to a time Read More

October Is National Orthodontic Health Month

Orthodontic Health Month…You probably are not aware that this even exists. Well it certainly does. October is the designated month to increase peoples’ awareness regarding oral health and beautiful smiles. A beautiful smile can open so many doors in both your social life and business life. The Team at Porter Orthodontics wants you to join Read More

Peyton Manning – Giving Back

Sports professionals in the limelight are offered the perfect opportunity to give back, especially after overcoming their own adversities or that of a close family member. Peyton Manning, famed football star, overcame a problem of his own after being born with a cleft palate. A cleft palate is a physical deformity of the mouth, when Read More

Grinding Teeth – A Selfie Tells The Tale

Grinding teeth and clenching is a very common problem and it has been found that 70% of people clench or grind their teeth as a result of stress and anxiety. The involuntary or habitual grinding of teeth is knows as “bruxism” and it typically occurs during sleep. Besides stress, bruxism can negatively impact the body Read More

Now You Can Learn Your ABC’s Of Orthodontics

Here at Porter Orthodontics in Baton Rouge LA, we know that orthodontics may seem a bit daunting to understand for many but with the 2015-16 school season closing in, now is the best time to learn what some call the “ABC’s of Orthodontics.” Simply put, “A” is for age, “B” is for braces types, and Read More

Did You Know? Fun Facts About Animal Teeth

We dug up some interesting information about different types if species and their teeth we thought everyone might enjoy reading on our blog at Porter Orthodontics. Thanks for visiting our blog and enjoy the post. Feel free to share it with your friends in Baton Rouge LA. Elephants: Did you know their tusks are overgrown Read More

5 Ways to Eat Your Way To A Healthy Smile

All of us here at Porter Orthodontics in Baton Rouge LA have heard the expression “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Taking this to heart can make our teeth stronger and brighter if we eat the right foods to support that healthy smile.

At What Age Should Children See An Orthodontist?

Let’s address a common question parents in Baton Rouge and Denham Springs LA have when considering orthodontics for their children. “When is the best time to have my child evaluated by an orthodontist?” Before you begin researching…orthodontist Dr. Joseph Porter would like to answer that question for you.

Keep Your Retainers Safe From The Daily Grind

So, you’ve finally said goodbye to braces. Congratulations, you made it! Your smile is radiant and you’re flashing your pearly whites at any person, place, or thing that glances your way! However, before you can truly celebrate your wonderful new smile, you must make sure to wear your retainers to keep your teeth looking perfect.

Begin Your New Year With A Smile In 2015

This year, Dr. Joseph Porter and his Team at Porter Orthodontics renew their New Year’s resolution to make sure all their patients wearing braces and Invisalign, along with their families, receive the best quality orthodontic care and customer service available in Baton Rouge LA. This includes connecting you with the chatter from the American Association Read More