4 Los alimentos sorprendentes que pueden causar mal aliento

un blog con todas las funciones-imagen-mal aliento causantes-alimentosTodo el mundo sabe que el ajo y la cebolla son los culpables de costumbre para el mal aliento. Pero, ¿sabes lo que otros alimentos pueden ser la causa de su mal aliento? Para algunas personas, El mal aliento puede ser genética. Sin embargo, ya sea que esté o no usar los frenos, ciertos alimentos en su rutina diaria podría ser el culpable. Siga leyendo para averiguar lo Dr. Joseph Porter Porter en Ortodoncia tiene que decir acerca de algunos alimentos mal aliento que causa!

Pasta Sauce

The acidity from tomatoes in pasta sauce can cause a buildup of acids in the mouth and foster the growth of bacteria. These pesky bacteria can result in bad breath.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a protein packed favorite among many of us, sin embargo, its paste-like consistency makes it difficult for saliva to break down the proteins once they’re in your mouth. The stickiness makes it so peanut butter can stay around for your mouth for hours. Bad breath bacteria thrive on protein, making peanut butter a potential culprit for your stinky breath.


Coffee addicts, you may be in trouble! Coffee has a drying effect on the mouth, which reduces saliva flow. Como un resultado, this allows bad breath bacteria not only to grow, but to linger longer. Be sure to follow up your morning pick me up with water to counteract these bacteria.


Did you know that most dairy products, including cheese, contain amino acids that react with your oral bacteria to produce sulfur compounds that can make your breath sour? These bacteria feast on milk solids that create excess hydrogen sulphide. The result of this is a mouth that smells like rotten eggs. Por suerte, drinking water can help wash away the bacteria and particles that may be in your mouth.

Afortunadamente, most of these foods’ bad breath-causing problems can be combated by drinking plenty of water. So be sure to stay hydrated at all times to combat bad breath, and maybe avoid these foods if you are ever worried about having bad breath. For more tips on how to keep your smile healthy during orthodontic treatment, Póngase en contacto con nuestra oficina. Su sonrisa es nuestra prioridad.